5 Best Baby Hazel Games

Do you love playing with Baby Hazel and joining her on her many adventures? Well, here are our top 5 picks! 5 Best Baby Hazel Games large

Do you love playing with Baby Hazel and joining her on her many adventures? Well, here are our top 5 picks!

1. Baby Hazel Kitchen Time

Baby Hazel wants to cook something nice for the family and she needs your help! In Baby Hazel Kitchen Time, you’ll need to help her buy all the items and ingredients she needs from the supermarket, and to follow the instructions on the recipe to prepare said ingredients and cook the food. Once done, you’ll need to help her set the dining table and serve the piping hot meal!

Start cooking: https://www.babygames.club/play/baby_hazel_kitchen_time

2. Baby Hazel Siblings Day

Celebrate National Siblings Day with Baby Hazel and her baby brother, Baby Matt, in this fun game! Lend them a hand as they create gifts for each other to celebrate the occasion. Have fun playing tons of exciting activities with them in their playroom, including Matt’s favorite game, peek-a-boo!

Play with Baby Hazel and Matt: https://www.babygames.club/play/baby_hazel_siblings_day

3. Baby Hazel Halloween Castle

Oh no! During a school trip, Baby Hazel is separated from her friends at the creepy Halloween Castle. Help her find her friends by exploring all the different rooms at the scary castle while having a great time playing with them on this one-of-a-kind school trip!

Join Baby Hazel on her school trip: https://www.babygames.club/play/baby_hazel_halloween_castle

4. Baby Hazel Pet Doctor

Baby Hazel wants to be the best pet doctor there is and who else would she turn to for some help? You, of course! Dress Baby Hazel up in proper doctor’s costume before bringing in all her cute furry patients. Help her pick the correct medical tools needed to treat whatever ailments her furry friends are experiencing and make her pet clinic the best in town!

Treat adorable pets in Baby Hazel’s pet clinic: https://www.babygames.club/play/baby_hazel_pet_doctor

5. Baby Hazel Cleaning Time

Seeing how much her mother has labored, Baby Hazel wants to lend her mom a hand in the kitchen. In Baby Hazel Cleaning Time, you’ll not only be helping Baby Hazel wipe the wet dishes dry, you’ll also need to help Hazel’s mother wash all the different kitchenware in the sink. After all, many hands make light work!

Help Hazel’s mother in the kitchen: https://www.babygames.club/play/baby_hazel_cleaning_time